Instructions for Sending in Hekdesh

We begin to give the Half-Shekel on Purim night prior to the reading of the Megillah. The Half-Shekel may be given in all year long until the beginning of next year's collection. We are currently seeking a ruling on the exact new year for Shekels, and will publish it when it beomes known. Assuming that the 14th of Adar of the following year is the last day before the next year's Shekels are given, perhaps that is the latest date you can still give this year's Shekel. At any rate, we begin on the 15th of Adar, Purim. If you are able to give your Half-Shekel at a participating institution, you simply give it into the special 'shofar' and the institution will send it in. If you are not able to give it in at your congregation, you may send it directly to Jerusalem, or, if you reside in the U.S., to the central collection point for the U.S. in Atlanta. Brinks will pick it up in Atlanta and transport it to Jerusalem.

When sending in your Half-Shekel, send in only the coin, not the packaging, no letters, no notes, just the coin. Everything accompanying the coins will be discarded. For those not sending their coins directly to Jerusalem, a $1.00 per coin fee is required to cover the cost of secured shipment to Israel. Congregations, send in only the coins, not the shofars.

For delivery directly to Jerusalem
Send Hekdesh only, to:

Otzar HaMikdash
P.O. Box 28175
Jerusalem, Israel

For delivery to Atlanta, Ga, U.S.A.
Send Hekdesh and $1.00 per coin only, to:

1558 Nantahalla Court
Atlanta, Ga. 30329

When sending your Hekdesh, use the most secure method at your disposal. Trackable overnight service is available from most locations, registered airmail is available everywhere. Better yet, come to Jerusalem and place it in the chest for New Shekels yourself! You have all year to do it.

Good Purim! Great Purim!

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