19 Ellul, 5757

To the Organizer of the Levitical Convocation to take place, G-d willing, on October 26, 1997 in New York.

Dear Brethren,

Shalom from Jerusalem! I received a phone call from New York telling me of your advertisement, Kol HaKavod.

I would like to offer you a program that you can send all who attend home with, something immediately practical to do, so that the excitement generated by the meeting does not dissipate.

I am a Levi B'Tafkid since 1984, and our website can be found at http://israelvisit.co.il/beged-ivri. Please review the Half-Shekel site in depth.

We find in Second Chronicles that it was specifically the duty of Levi to restore the custom of giving the Holy Half-Shekel on Purim. The restoration of the custom today will lead directly to the Rebuilding of the Holy Temple. It is almost uncanny how your announcement came the same day that the coins became available. If you want to stir the Heavens, make the task of restoring the custom this Purim, the first project undertaken by those who attend on the 26th. Its all been prepared for you, right on time!

Please foward an e-mail address.

G-d Bless,

Reuven Ben Yosef HaLevi
Beged Ivri

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