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Israel Government Coin & Medal Corporation

The most recent correspondence

In May of 1994 practical work was begun on collecting the players who would be directly involved with bringing this project from thought to physical reality. The first stop I made was to the Israel Government Coin and Medal Corporation, Ltd. in Jerusalem. I met personally with Mr. Israel Sedaka, Deputy Managing Director. Following our meeting I sent off this follow-up letter:

14 Sivan 5754 (5/24/96)
Israel Sedaka
Israel Government Coin and Medal Corp, Ltd.
P.O.Box 2270

Dear Mr. Sedaka,

Shalom. I would like to thank you for meeting with me regarding re-instituting the Half-Shekel. As per your instruction, I met the following day with Mr. Avraham Van Der Hal at the Bank of Israel. He received me with openess and offered his cooperation. Following Mr. Van Der Hal's instructions, I am preparing a formal proposal to present to the Governor of the Bank of Israel. Mr. Van Der Hal has instructed me to request from you the following;

1) A copy of the law establishing the IGCMC in English and Hebrew.
2) A copy of the Takanun (articles of incorporation of the IGCMC in English and Hebrew.

Your prompt reply would be greatly appreciated. I bless you for your involvement in this great historic undertaking, and may your name be remembered for having helped restore this precious jewel to Am Yisarel.

G-d Bless,

Reuven Prager



18 Nisan 5756 (4/7/96)

Israel Sedaka IGCMC
5 Ahad Ha'am Street
P.O.Box 2270

Dear Mr. Sedaka,

Shalom! On May 24, 1994 I sent you the enclosed letter and am still awaiting your reply. As the project is progressing and public support is mounting, it is imperative that I receive the information I requested immediately.

I would like to bring to your attention that with the implementation of this project, the IGCMC stands to benefit from a windfall in sales, as the anticipated number of coins sold by you annually will reach into the millions, considerably more than any issue you have ever produced before.

I anticipate the courtesy of an immediate reply. Thank you in advance.

G-d Bless,

Reuven Prager


Following the 180 degree turn-around letter we received from the Chief Rabbinate on 10/21/96 I iniated a meeting with the new Deputy Managing Director, Mr. Yosef Attali. Present at the two hour and five minute working meeting were Mr. Attali, Mr. Moshe Klirs, Commercial Manager, as well as the Manager of production and the Economic Advisor of the Corporation. It was decided that Mr. Moshe Klirs would be the point man for the IGCMC and they issued the following letter which was received on 11/6/96;

Jerusalem, 21 Cheshvan 5757 (11/3/96)

Mr. Reuven Prager
Beged Ivri
P.O.Box 28052

Dear Mr. Prager,

RE: The Half-Shekel

We listened with great interest to your plan on the subject.

As we explained to you our corporation is the exclusive distributor of commemorative coins and of special coins for the State of Israel.

Accompanying the recommendation of the Chief Rabbinate and in partnership with the Bank of Israel in the subject of issuing a special silver coin denominated one half shekel, we from our standpoint would be delighted to distribute the "Half-Shekel" in Israel and abroad.

In wishing you success,
And in Blessing,
Yosef Attali

Deputy Managing Director Marketing and Sales

cc: Mr. Shalom Peri, General Director
Mr. Moshe Klirs, Commercial Manager


24 Cheshvan 5757 (7/11/96)

Moshe Klirs IGCMC
5 Ahad Ha'am Street
Jerusalem 91078

RE: Production of prototype Half-Shekel coin.

Dear Mr. Klirs,

Shalom. Thank you for your letter of 21 Cheshvan 5757 (3/11/96). Parallel to the clarification work we are undertaking with the tax authorities, the Bank of Israel, and the Chief Rabbinate, we would like to produce now a prototype Half-Shekel coin, so that people can see with their eyes what we are talking about. To that end, is it possible to arrange a meeting with your production manager, and a tour of your design and production facilities so that I can learn firsthand how to do it. Perhaps we could use your facilities to produce the prototype? This would greatly advance the materialization of the project.

Thank you in advance.

G-d Bless

Reuven Prager
Beged Ivri

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