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Fourth Light, 28 Kislev 5757 (9/12/96)

Amicam Cohen
General Manager Elite Industries
P.O.Box 19
Ramat Gan 52100

RE: A New Purim Product.

Dear Mr. Cohen,

Shalom Aleichem. It is my honor to inform you that we are restoring the sacred Commandment of giving a Half-Shekel on Purim, commencing with Purim of 5758, to coincide with the 50th year celebrations in 1998.

We are informing you of this now in order to give you enough time to develop your new product for Purim 1998; a shofar-shaped box of Half-Shekel chocolates. If you go into production before the new coins' design is released, we would recommend using the motif of the First Rebellion Half-Shekel which we would be happy to provide you with.

You can find a complete archive of the restoration of the Half-Shekel on the Internet at;

Thank you for your contribution to Jewish tradition as reflected in all your holiday products.

G-d Bless,

Reuven Prager
Beged Ivri


15 Adar II 5757 (24/3/97)

Mr. Amicam Cohen
General Manager
Elite Industries
P.O. Box 19
Ramat Gan 52100

RE: A New Purim Product (continued)

Dear Mr. Cohen,

Shalom. I am sure that it is not every day that someone gives you a free million dollar idea. What is surprising is the lack of courtesy, of a reply, a thank you, not even a free candy bar.

I would like to add to my suggestion; make the shofar-shaped container a noise maker for Purim and you will sell double the amount.

If you would like to match the chocolate coin design with the ceremonial coins which went into production on 14 Adar II, we would be happy to supply you with the motif.

G-d Bless,

Reuven Prager
Beged Ivri


April 9th, 1997

Mr. Reuven Prager
Beged Ivri
PO Box 28052 Jerusalem

Re: New Purim Product

Thank you for your letter addressed to our C.E.O., Mr. Amikam Cohen, and for the proposed idea.

On behalf of Mr. Cohen, I would like to inform you that, although your proposal is very impressive, it does not suit Elite's policy and strategy at the moment.

We wish you much sucess and "a Kosher Hag Sameach".

Best Regards,

Eitan Glick
Corporate Marketing Manager

If I can't give away a million dollar idea, maybe I should try selling it? Or maybe we'll have to just produce it ourselves, like the very Half-Shekels we're minting.

If anyone out there is in the chocolate business, here is a free idea; make shofar shaped cartons of half-shekel chocolates in two sizes. One large with 25 or so chocolate coins, and a mini size, holding maybe 5 coins for use in Mashalach Manot baskets. Make the tip of the shofar a noise maker, so the shofars can be used to blot out Haman, whose Shekels were overturned by the Half-Shekels we gave, and make five different noise maker heads so that kids wil want to collect all five.

If no one out there does this, then we will. So please, steal our idea and make a fortune, and save us from having to expand into the chocolate business.

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